Precision Medicine and Challenging diseases such as Cancer

Precesion Medicine & Personalized Medicine 




                        'One size does not fit all'


Demands to treat the individual rather than the average human and the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in precision medicine or personalized medicine where tailoring predictive, preventive and treatment strategies to the individual is a priority.  Since protein expression is dynamic and changes in relation to disease onset, severity or response to therapy are difficult to understand, proteomics stands to play a pivotal role in characterizing a disease at protein level. 


Proteomic technologies have progressed over the last decade allowing in principle the comprehensive analysis of expressed proteins in time and space.  Until now, quantitative proteomics has been pin-pointing minor differences in the protein levels between normal and pathological samples. There is now an urgent need for sophisticated ‘enabling technologies’ to identify structural differences in proteins introduced by mutations or structural variations induced by post-translational modifications or protein truncation that are associated with a disease.  Additionally, comprehensive characterization of the small molecule metabolites in biological systems and biological applications of the Metabolome together with the Proteome in precision medicine of the patient, stands to revolutionize global health.


The complexity of the data generated has also been a stumbling block in understanding diseases because proteome analysis does not provide a simple ‘yes/no’ answer but rather requires deep interpretation. To this end, utilization of data and information from various ‘multi-omics’ studies including metabolomics, together with AI in the hands of skilled researchers, can have significant societal impact.



 CEEPC's careful balance between excellence and focus on societal needs holds the key to its success. It is evident from CEEPC’s progress that it is ready for the next decade of excitement and expectations of multifaceted proteomics in Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, in the era of emerging personalized medicine where treatment selection for each patient is becoming individualized, CEEPC and proteomics is expected to play a significant role moving forward for the benefit of mankind.


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.......what is the reality and why are we failing in finding a ideal solution to most cancers !

CEEPC strives to improve prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer by enhancing the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer, advancing proteome science and the understanding of proteogenomic inter-relationship.