CEEPC organized till 2025 & envisioning 2030

CEEPC Proteomics



 - excels at stimulating exchange of proteomic knowledge whilst imbibing local hospitality offered by the host country and the local venue.

Rotation of the meeting’s venue each year to wonderful iconic cities of the Europe such as Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Jena, Posnan, Kosice, Bucharest and sharing of different cultures, history, fine cuisines, wines and music, adds to the intertwining of ‘cutting edge’ research and cultural excitement.  We have new countries waiting to join as their Proteomics comes on line with appropriate timing.





Conference success to date:


                                                 1st  CEEPC - Prague - 2007

                                                  2nd CEEPC - Jena - 2008

                                                  3rd CEEPC - Budapest - 2009

                                                  4th CEEPC - Vienna - 2010

                                                  5th CEEPC - Prague - 2011

                                                  6th CEEPC - Budapest - 2012

                                                  7th CEEPC - Jena  - 2013

                                                  8th CEEPC - Vienna  - 2014

                                                  9th CEEPC - Poznan - 2015

                                                 10th CEEPC - Budapest - 2016   - we celebrated in style in Budapest                                        


                                                11th CEEPC  - 2017 Kosice, Slovakia  - was a great success !

                                                  12th CEEPC  - 2018 Bucharest, Romania - fantastic achievement !

                                                  13th CEEPC  - 2019 Ustroń, Poland  - successfully accomplished !

Don't forget to read our peer reviewed meeting reports on each conference in our 'Meetings Report' tab








                Please come & enjoy the Hungarian hospitality in 2020  

                              Dates:  14th - 16th October, 2020  - confirmed

                                Venue: Budapest, Hungary 

                                Theme:  Clinical Proteomics, Molecular Genomics, Proteomics of exosomes,

                                                 All inclusive Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Emerging technologies - in keeping

                                                 with our normal format of our regular meetings to date.



                                         Next venue for the 14th CEEP Conference 2020  is Budapest   




         Ustroń, Poland - 13th CEEPC success, 2019                             



                  Bucharest, Romania - 12th CEEPC success, 2018


Kosice, Slovakia - 11th CEEPC success, 2017



Confirmed CEEPC Meetings and venues   

  •  14th CEEPC CONFIRMED in Budapest, Hungary - 2020         (2020 Vision Theme)
  •  15th CEEPC CONFIRMED in Jena, Germany - 2021                   (Aleš Svatoš )
  •  16th CEEPC CONFIRMED in Czech Repubic  - 2022                   (Czech Proteomics)


Future tentitive CEEPC Meetings and venues   

  •  17th CEEPC TBC planned in Macedonia  - 2023 (TBC)   / Austria also a possibility (TBC)
  •  18th CEEPC tentatively planned in (* new Invitee 1 *)  - 2024  
  •  19th CEEPC TBA  - Vienna / or Slovakia - 2025
  •  20th CEEPC tentatively planned (* new Invitee 2)   - 2026     

           (TBC  - to be confirmed)

           (TBA  - to be Agreed)

           (* new Invitee *  - Country waiting to join CEEPC and will be ready to host)



                              Prague, Czech Republic  




Budapest, Hungary   




                                         Vienna, Austria



Jena, Germany      



                                                               Poznan, Poland


Proteomics has promising and exciting potential across many biological and medical research and applications areas. This, together with the energy and enthusiasm of young generation of researchers fascinated by proteomics, may enable diverse fields such as stem cell biology, metabolomics, drug discovery and disease research, to reach their end goal for many diseases affecting mankind.


CEEPC now represents a cradle of proteomic interactions in and around Central and Eastern Europe, without limitations of borders or boundaries and linking it to international institutions worldwide.


   building bridges and linking countries to Proteomics !