13th CEEPC success

Congratulations to Poland for hosting the 13th CEEPC,  2019

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                Organizing Team - Ustron                       Ustron coat of arms

                13th CEEPC Organising Team 

                Piotr Widłak (CEEPC Board) 

                Franciszek Binczyk, Agata Kurczyk, Monika Pietrowska, Marta Gawin, Jacek Rogoliński & Karol Jelonek  




                                                                          Keynote Speakers -  Opening Day 1

                                                      Suresh Jivan Gadher, Theresa L. Whiteside, & Piotr Widlak 


Accolade - Professor Theresa Whiteside:

Professor Whiteside presented  on 'Tumor-derived exosomes as the emerging mechanism of cancer-induced immune suppression'.  Professor Whiteside is a World Authority on 'Exosomes' in cancer.

Theresa L. Whiteside, currently serves as the Professor of Pathology, Immunology and Otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Pittsburgh, USA with extensive experience in evaluating human immune-mediated diseases. Her research has been focused on tumor immunology and immunotherapy, especially on mechanisms of tumor-induced immunosuppression, cytokine networks, development of anticancer vaccines, immunology of human head and neck cancer and the role of natural immunity in the control of cancer progression.  






Meeting focus:

The conference included clinical proteomics, exosome proteomes, molecular imaging by MSI, bioinformatics, multi-omics, and enabling technologies applications. The program also included dedicated time for young researchers' contributions through a “Young Guns” session.  Medical, clinical and Societal Issues were debated.


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Opening Ceremony with Ensemble Czantoria



                                                                                           Danuta Zoń-Ciuk




Opening Ceremony concluded with the famous Czantoria Ensemble which was established in 1988. Danuta Zoń-Ciuk was the conductor in charge.  Apart from concerts in the Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary and Bułgaria, Czantoria performs systematically in Ustroń.  Since 1991, the ensemble has been presenting the harvest rite during the traditional Święto Plonów (Celebration of Harvest), and since 1994, it has performing during Tydzień Kultury Beskidzkiej (The Beskidy Week of Culture) in Wisła, Szczyrk, Oświęcim and Maków Podhalański. Czantoria is a laureate of numerous awards and distinctions, including the Silver Medal of the 'Polish Sejm' (Parliament), distinction 'For the Merit of Bielsko Voivodeship' and the 'Merit of Ustroń'. 



Conference Dinner & Folklore Dancing



                                                                          Conference Dinner & Folklore at Skibowka on Rownica




                                                                                                     Blowing the trumpet !






                                                                                    More Polish specialities




                                                                                            Polish Dancing 


                                                                                      'Eliminator Challenge' 


                             Ustron is the home of the 'Eliminator Challenge' every year  ...........

                                             Similarly, CEEPC remains focused on its challanges every year  - read more below !



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The 13th CEEPC Ustron, Poland 2019 Meeting report                                                                 

Publication Cover 

Power of proteomics and progress in precision medicine – 13th central and eastern European proteomic conference (CEEPC), Ustroń, Poland, 





                  Thank you for joining us  - we will now meet in 2021 as the 2020 Budapest Conference is cancelled due to COVID-19.